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Mainline & Maritime

Mainline & Maritime

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Mainline & Maritime serves customers in the transport and heritage markets. We provide publishing and retailing services to trade and private customers. Please feel free to browse!

Q. Items keep disappearing from my cart when I go to use the checkout?

A. You have not accepted Cookies. Please either click on the large box at the top of the screen, or the white triangle in the bottom right (whichever you can see)


Q. I live overseas and the checkout process is requiring me to supply shipping information?

A. This is an error on our part, as we have missed your country out of the list of countries we ship to for that specific book. Please use the "Contact Us" form to let us know, and we will send you a Paypal invoice instead. Note that a Paypal invoice can be paid by credit / debit card without the need for a Paypal account.


Q. I wish to use traditional mail order, who do I make my cheque payable to?

A. "Mainline & Maritime". Please note that cheques made payable to specific individuals, or to "Locomotives International" will be returned.


Q. I wish to buy books and renew my subscription at the same time. Do I need to place separate orders?

A. No, you can have multiple items in the cart when using the website, or pay by mail order using one cheque for all items.

For over twenty years, Locomotives International has been an important part of the international railway publishing scene.

Narrow Gauge Net aims to be the website of choice for the UK narrow gauge railway scene.