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Mainline & Maritime serves customers in the transport and heritage markets. We provide publishing and retailing services to trade and private customers. Please feel free to browse!

For those of you who used to watch Sesame Street, this page has nothing to do with the "Cookie Monster". Come to that it has nothing to do with chocolate chips either!

We are talking here about computer software cookies. I could try and explain them, but to do so is far beyond my level of technical inability, and I wouldn't wish to mislead you. If you are interested, can I point you in the direction of either an Internet Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo, or an online encyclopaedia such as Wikipedia.

Once upon a time, there was a regulation which said that websites needed to get the users permission to use cookies, and to tell them what cookies were used, and how they were used so that the user could make an informed decision about whether to allow their use or not. This website uses cookies for analytics activity, such as tracking the number of users and how they reach our website. We do not collect personal data, or data about how you use your machine, see also our privacy policy. In essence we do nothing with cookies that would cause concern to anybody - as an example we use a lot less than the market-leading search engines! So there is nothing to worry about (see also privacy policy).

To facilitate the original draconian interpretation of this regulation, websites were built which mandated cookie acceptance on the part of the user, and our website currently belongs to that generation of software. Since our site was designed and built, the interpretation of the regulation has relaxed to the point of common sense, and many websites no longer have a requirement for acceptance of Cookies. Any future website we implement will not have this requirement, but at this time we have to use the site we've got, and Cookie Acceptance is essential for a number of features of the website to work, most significantly the checkout! If you have not accepted Cookies, there should be a large box at the top of the page asking you to do so, and if this is not present, then there will be a white triangle with a 'C' in it, in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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For over twenty years, Locomotives International has been an important part of the international railway publishing scene.

Narrow Gauge Net aims to be the website of choice for the UK narrow gauge railway scene.